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The Cleanest Car Ever

Do you want your car to be cleaner than ever before? Then you should consider taking it to a car wash and auto detailing shop. We write about these services on this blog, which means we have learned a lot about them over the years. Here are a few things we can tell you about auto detailing. For one, it is far more thorough than the cleaning that most people can do at home. Also, auto detailing is well worth the cost because it helps your vehicle retain its value. And finally, the results of a good detailing make you feel happy. Read more here, and remember — it's about the details.



Want To Sell Your Car? Hire A Car Detailing Service To Help It Sell Faster

If you are planning to sell your car on your own, you need to do many things to get it ready. Doing this will help you sell your car much faster, which can save you a lot of time. One thing to start with is hiring a car detailing service. Getting your car detailed will ensure it is clean, and in some cases the detailer can make your car look brand-new. Keep reading to learn what the car detailing service can do for you.

Clean the Interior

The car detailer will clean the interior of your car. This includes vacuuming the carpets, floor mats, seats, trunk, rear cargo area, and headliner. This will allow them to see if there are any stains they need to take care of. They then scrub and brush the floor to remove stains and dirt. The car detailer may choose steam cleaning, as this is an effective way to remove carpet and seat stains. 

The windows and all glass are cleaned inside. If you have leather seats, they can do leather trimming using the right leather cleaner. The company will remove all dirt from areas that are hard to get to, such as under seats, around the gear shift, and much more. They will even clean inside your glovebox. When they are finished, they perfume your car using a spray, so it smells new and clean to potential buyers. 

Clean the Exterior 

When the inside is clean, the car detailer cleans the exterior by first washing and drying your car, which is generally done by hand. The car detailer knows the best products to use to wash your car. This also includes things like cleaning door handles and washing rims and tires. Paint claying is often used after washing and drying the car. This removes any soap residue left on the car, as well as all overspray and contaminants. 

They then polish your clean car, which can remove small scratches in the paint.  A sealant can be applied to your car, which will make it shine and protect the car's paint. They will first make sure your car is not already sealed. The car detailing service can trim paint, detail clean the engine, polish your headlights, repair dents in bumper, touch up paint, and repair chips in glass. 

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